Pigge, Crow, Clu and Druze, the four wayward musicians of Cochon Bleu, have been working on their unique musical identity for fifteen years. After hundreds of performances and the release of six, more than well-received albums they have become what they are today – one of the most scintillating Dutch cajun / americana bands. Powerful polyphonic vocals, accordion, guitars, mandolin, violin – in fact anything with strings – these are the tools. All supported and held together by very to the point rhythm.

Pure Cajun music was once the starting point, but while working and playing many other influences were absorbed through which a own, unique style was gradually developed. However, two things remain: the French lyrics and the inescapable power.

Anyone who ever witnessed their performances will have noticed that everything is bathed in a very special sense of humor. Cochon Bleu has already played at Zomerfolk and with great success; they certainly belong at our five-year anniversary edition!