Of course you can also enjoy delicious food and drinks at the Rapalje Zomerfolk Festival. Fresh fruit, soup, pancakes, cakes and sweets are just a small selection from the range and also there is a wide choice in drinks. In addition to the more well-known selection of soft drinks, beer and wine you also enjoy a nice cup of mead (honey wine) or a good whiskey!

There are also some special things available, such as:

Rapalje beer!

We have started to brew! In cooperation with brewery Kromme Jat we present a special Rapalje brewed beer. This lovely, busty beer is naturally available at Zomerfolk. Cheers!


About the brewery

It has been long since beer was brewed in Groningen. A long time ago Groningen had at least 200 breweries in town and country. On this long list of interesting breweries Stadsbrouwerij Curve Jat was added since January 1, 2011. Best Beer from the City ‘; motto Stadsbrouwerij Curve Jat. Real Gronings specialty, brewed with mainly local ingredients.

The Cooking Highlander

A range of fresh, honest ingredients prepared with love and care on various barbecues. The highlight of the collection is an imposing barbeque of five meters high with three floors, wood fired. So come along and enjoy ‘oerhammen’, Irish stew, spareribs, ribroast, salmon steaks and many other delicacies. Of course you can just eat with your hands on our festival!

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The Garlic Highlander

Garlic bread, the vegetarian snack! Turkish bread, baked in garlic butter and covered with herbs and cottage cheese. Furthermore you have a choice of multiple toppings: olives, tomato sauce, onion, chilli pepper (roasted) and peppers. Nothing needs, anything goes, so go ahead and create your own fantastic lunch or diner!



Patricia Stevens is a nutritionist and owner of Bugalicious. She is a strong supporter of insects as a sustainable source of food for human consumption. She puts herself with great enthusiasm to increase awareness and acceptance among the public. This is done among others by selling insect snacks, giving lectures and organizing tastings and workshops. She also has developed the first real Dutch insect-product ; the Bugalicious nuts fruit bar in which buffalo worms are processed. Bug appétit!

Bugalicious caravan-2

IJssie voor mn Meissie

IJssie voor mn Meissie is a dream of Groningen sobriety and Amsterdam folly, with nostalgia, honesty, family friendly, fantasy and magic. The cart is a journey through the four seasons in which you discover something new every time. Buying an ice cream at the cart is an experience for young and old. At the first sound of the bell you get hungry for a ‘ijssie’ (ice cream).