Attention motorists! Unfortunately, we learned yesterday that, due to reasons beyond our control, not the entire parking lot at the Gasunie will be available on the Saturday of Zomerfolk. That is why we advise anyone coming from Groningen city itself, if possible, to use public transport or bicycle (we have a bicycle shed). From Groningen Central Station you can also reach the Zomerfolk site in 25 minutes on foot.

For anyone who comes from further afield: if the parking lot does indeed become full, which is the expectation for this day, we recommend using the P+R site at Hoogkerk. From here a bus (line 3 or 4) leaves 8 times an hour to bus stop Kranenburg. Zomerfolk can be reached on foot from this stop (see Google Maps for the route).

As indicated earlier, we advise you to plan your trip well due to a lot of work in and around Groningen. This can be done via or For public transport you can consult and Google Maps for example for the walking routes.