Fisj founder Roeland Meijs, a drummer for over 20 years, fell in love with the people, country and culture of beautiful Ireland during a road trip. He was inspired by Irish music and more such spiritual journeys would follow. After that first trip, back in the Netherlands, Meijs’ girlfriend took him to a performance of the famous Irish folk and ballad group “The Kilkennys” in Sneek. From that special day ideas and serious plans started to take shape and it started to form a unique band that would become “Fish”!

Fisj, started with 10 members in August 2017, and took some time to harmonize. Some members left, while others joined. And after this initial formative phase, the band is now a steady collective of 7 unique members. Finding the right people for a band that breaks certain ‘unwritten rules’ was not easy. Each band member has his or her own story how they were found by Meijs, or found Fisj themselves.

Fisj is now a steady, dedicated group of uniquely different, people that have become very close friends in a relative short period of time. Each member brings his own passion and skills into the mix. All members are multi-talented musicians, one might play the drums on one song, and pick up a mandolin on another.

Fisj initially was set up as a modern Folk band; covers in the first place and later on “home made” productions. However, the input of other band members slowly transformed Fisj more into a Folk band with a couple of “bonus” music styles.