Many moons have passed since the ferocious Normans of FORGOTTEN NORTH saw the golden roofs of the mystical city Rungholt sinking in the waters of the North Sea and headed with their proud dragon boat for unknown territory. Their ever successful trips cost energy and so some losses were suffered. However, firm determination, voice and heartbeat put the Horde on the right track again.

Now new faces are staring with grim at the exultant crowd, when Börje Lokisson calls Heimdall, the gatekeeper of the Rainbow Bridge to Asgardwith a barbaric call and proclaims the return of Odin’s savage warrior. Thor Ragnarsson and Oluf Johansson brandish the axes and Ansgaar Lys Hårktåt fills the pulse of Petter Thoresson with low frequencies.

Now they finally stand together in the rough sea and they mercilessly reinforce their reputation by following their musical course. With the epic story of ‘homecoming’, they wrote their own chapter of the Edda and carved their names with a pointed dagger in the trunk of Yggdrasil. Odin himself appears to be patron and the wily Loki gives them inspiration for new battle songs. The next entry in the Asgard studbook is being considered, and three new chapters already announce their life in the rugged Holstein marshes.

Sons and daughters of Midgard: follow their call and let yourself be carried away!