Less than 1 month now and then it starts: the fifth edition of the Rapalje Zomerfolk Festival!

When David Myles had the idea of organizing his own festival almost six years ago, nobody knew if it would succeed, but not even half a year later, the first edition of the Rapalje Zomerfolk Festival was there. Main idea of this event is the motto of Rapalje: Be Easy And Free! The starting point is that all visitors should feel as if they come to an amazing garden party at Rapalje’s house. And that’s actually exactly what it is, but then a bit more extensive. With the help of the band, the crew, volunteers, as well as family and friends, Zomerfolk is getting bigger and more known each year, and now we have reached the 5th edition of this unique festival! Will you be there?

Check the lineup (including information and music videos from the bands) and more information about the festival at https://zomerfolk.nl/category/festival-info/

Tickets are available at: https://zomerfolk.nl/zomerfolk-tickets