The band overwhelms its audiences with an immaculate, yet wild and passionate performance, in which they reach out and touch their souls, playing ballads and tunes from Ireland and Scotland.

Their approach to the music is with the deepest respect for its tradition, yet enriched by their own, quite original, arrangements. Flings’ interpretation of Irish and Scottish music and original compositions got them impressive press-reviews full of praise, both nationally and internationally.

Fling plays acoustic music. While their music is deeply rooted in the Irish tradition, it is entirely their own because of a very unique and personal approach. Fling’s sound is lightly influenced by the members backgrounds in jazz, soul, latin and rock’n roll and this comes through in the bands arrangements of traditional music and their own original compositions.

While the musical intensity resembles that of rock ‘n roll, Fling uses traditional instruments. Evertjan ‘t Hart plays the magical Uilleann pipes, low whistles and bouzouki, Annemarie de Bie sings with a powerful and lyrical voice, as well as playing the Irish flute and the bodhrán. Siard de Jong excells at the fiddle, bouzouki and whistles. The bands bass bedrock is in the strong and virtuoso playing of guitarist Philip Masure.

We are very proud to be able to welcome this band, whom we have considered dear friends for years, to our 5th Rapalje Zomerfolk Festival! Fling will be performing on Sunday 25 June, 2017.