Every year at the Rapalje Zomerfolk Festival some fun workshops are given, like archery, Irish dancing and playing the bagpipes. The workshops are for all ages!


Archers of all ages! A festival of Rapalje is not complete without archery! 

The “Noorderpijl” association has organized this in the last years at our festival and will do so again this year. For them, archery is a sporty, serious, but especially fun way to be active. The members meet at least once a week to shoot in different disciplines. A cheerful group of Celts and a relentless group of Vikings shoot in this association. It must be mentioned that the latter is responsible for the largest number of wood splinters.

Noorderpijl will be keeping an archery demonstration at the festival on Saturday and Sunday . This means that there is a selection of beautiful bows to be seen. Plus, for just a Fyndlingh, you can shoot one, two or three arrows yourself! Archery is supervised by experienced archers; bows and arrows are available. For children under 12, there are youth bows and special targets so that they can discover the magic of archery.

For the really enthusiastic archers a competition will be organized on both days. In ten rounds there are three arrows per round fired at targets. Visitors with their own bow can participate as long as there is no visor on the bow. Visitors who do not have their own bows and arrows, can borrow these. Moreover, both days brave shooters can try to hit an apple on the head of William Tell. The investment for this is a Fyndlingh. Whoever makes the applesauce, will go home with the pot of gold!