June 11 and 12, 2022

Summer Folk Live Stream 2021

https://vimeo.com/533170191 Thank you for watching!!!

Birdshow Rapalje Summer Folk 2019

https://vimeo.com/460143303 Rapalje Zomerfolk 2019 had a very special closing act, who are hiding behind these wonderful and strange birds, is it David? Or maybe another Zomerfolk artist? Maybe our friends of Vana know more about it,...

Zomerfolk goes to 2022

Dear visitors, volunteers, exhibitors, artists and friends of Zomerfolk We have had a completely different year than planned, of course we want to see you soon. We have a lot of fun with the live streams, but it's not the same...

Thank you for supporting our festival over the past 2 years!

In 2020, all the bands that would play on summer folk gave us very sweet video messages.

In 2021 we gave an insight into everything that is happening around us and showed highlights of bands that have played on summer folk.

It was really fantastic to make 2 of these episodes but of course very moving, because it is of course a real festival with a lot of love and joy!

Live Stream 2021

Live Stream 2020