The Doggy Few are coming to Zomerfolk! This Irish partyband is certain to play some amazing dancing tunes and will make sure no one will be able to keep still.

The Doggy Few are a special band of friends playing traditional Irish and Scottish music. What makes 'The Dogs' special is their skilled and very own contemporary approach towards the Irish music tunes, together with a great enthusiasm in their singing of lots and lots of well known traditional street songs and ballads. Songs of love, happiness, drink, despair, songs about trouble, work and war are all sung with much feeling and humor.


The Doggy Few are coming to Zomerfolk! This steaming Irish party band will certainly provide the necessary dance tunes, so that no one can sit still.

An enthusiastic, steaming Irish party band with everything it takes for a show brimming with Irish (and also Scottish) music! What makes 'The Dogs' special is our modern approach to Irish tunes in combination with well-known songs in a new, smooth jacket… the authentic 'pub sound'….. and above all our enthusiasm on stage!!! The Doggy Few is made up of friends who love to play Irish music, and you can always see and hear it!


The Doggy Few kommen nach Zomerfolk! Diese steaming irish Partyband is a good idea that nötigen Tanzmelodien liefern, damit nobody mehr still sitzen kann.

Was die „Dogs“ einzigartig macht, ist unsere gegenwartsbezogene Herangehensweise und Umsetzung von den irisschen Liedern, mit authentischen „Pubklängen“ und vor allem unser Enthusiasmus auf der Bühne. The Doggy Few Besteht aus Freunden, die es genieen die Irish Musik zu spielen, was immer zu sehen und zu hören ist!