It is difficult, if not impossible, to stand still when you look and listen to one of the most energetic folk bands in the Netherlands. HoppaH! consists of a bunch of very experienced musicians. Their colorful, danceable music contrasts with the melancholic Dutch lyrics of frontman Serge van Laar – relativising poetry which he brings with conviction and passion.

In the summer of 2011, Serge van Laar wrote his first Dutch texts about the seamy side of life. For the contrast he gathered experienced musicians around him to provide his lyrics with a cheerful note. With Jorris Klaassen on drums, Roy Rolleman on bass, Laura Iwema on violin and Erik de Jong on accordion the band HoppaH! a fact. In December of that year the band released the demo ‘Maar Ach, Maar Ja’.

In 2012 the band expanded with clarinet Esther de Boer and on trombone Obed Brinkman – again two very experienced musicians. The sound became even bigger and more colorful with the new horn section. In this formation they sparkled at festivals such as Noorderzon, FestivalderAa, Gideon, Folk veur Volk, Magneetfestival and Folk’n’Fusion (D). That was only the beginning.

In 2013 the first album ‘HoppaH!’ Was released and the band played more than fifty times, including at even larger events and venues such as Oerol, Bevrijdingsfestival Groningen, MadNes, Hongerige Wolf, de Oosterpoort and Horizontoer langs de Waddeneilanden.

In the following years the band remained very active and successful. An ever-increasing audience was reached, many positive reviews followed and the band played at home and abroad. In this period we also worked hard on a second album (HoppaH! # 2) that was finally presented in Vera (Groningen) in December 2016. The band was then expanded again with guitarist Jelte Posthumus and Tobias Kr├╝ger on trumpet and trombone.

Thanks to the enormous stage experience, the band is energetic and tight in every setting. From the smallest bar to the biggest festival stage, they get people moving. The audience leaves the performances of HoppaH! without exception with a smile. At full power the band is irresistible.