Zomerfolk 2023 ticketsale gestart!

Zomerfolk 2023 ticket sale started!

Summer Folk 2023 tickets now online! And because it's already in huge demand, we've added not only e-tickets but also the beautiful "real" tickets specially designed by our own David Myles. A fantastic unique keepsake and also...
Zomerfolk 2023!

Summer Folk 2023!

The date for Zomerfolk 2023 is official! On June 10 and 11, 2023, the most beautiful folk festival will break loose again in the Stadspark of Groningen. Ticket sales will start on October 28, during our Celtic Folk Festival in the EM2 in Groningen. Here you can also find physical...
Programma 2022 online!

Program 2022 online!

PLEASE NOTE: This program was updated on June 8! We have just put the program online: you can find it here!

Attention motorists!

Attention motorists! Unfortunately, we learned yesterday that, due to reasons beyond our control, not the entire parking lot at the Gasunie will be available on the Saturday of Zomerfolk. That is why we advise everyone who comes from Groningen city itself,...
Crazy Drummers – Studio 117

Crazy Drummers – Studio 117

The next announcement may be our most special! We have the honor to welcome Crazy Drummers/Студия-117 to our wonderful festival on both days. This percussion collective from Odessa consists exclusively of women, because the men return to...


A Sunfire show guarantees an energetic experience with a lot of musical violence, in which an incidental waltz is not shunned. At a Sunfire performance, you'll feel like you're in an old western, so pull your hat out of the mothballs and grab your lasso!