Celtic Sparks

Experience the energy of Irish dance with Celtic Sparks! For the first time, some of the most talented Dutch musicians and dancers join forces. Their debut show “A Trip to Ballygonefishin” will be in theaters from 2023, with a show full of dexterous play, ear-pleasing singing and dancing that sparks. At Zomerfolk the group performs with a show specially made for our festival; how special is that!

Celtic Sparks follows in the footsteps of well-known shows such as Riverdance and Lord of the Dance, presenting Irish music and dance in an overwhelming way. With a large group of dancers and musicians, Celtic Sparks is a major production, treating the audience to an unforgettable experience. The show consists entirely of original compositions and choreographies, with a wide variety of sounds, from sweet-voiced Celtic ballads to the famous drumming Irish tap dance.

The show is designed by a dancer Rosalie Wagenaar, founder of the Rose Irish Dance School, and musician/composer Tim Berends. The music is played by Annemarie de Bie (vocals), Erwin Tuijl (piano), Philip Steenbergen (guitar), Erik de Jong (accordion), Anneke Eijkelboom (violin), Suzanne Berends (bodhrán), Michael Boere (uillean pipes), Annelies Pronk (flute), and of course by Tijn himself. The dancers are selected from the top class of the Rose Irish Dance School.