The Rapalje Zomerfolk Festival has been the event since 2013 where fantastic music, spectacular shows, delicious food and drinks and an extensive market come together for an unforgettable weekend in the heart of Groningen!

Live music

The best bands from home and abroad will perform for 2 days. You will be taken on an incredible journey through the world of folk music. From traditionals to folk-rock and everything in between: Zomerfolk has it all! Whether you're dancing in front of the stage or sitting back in the grass somewhere quietly; music plays all day long!



In addition to an extensive music program there is much more to see and experience at Zomerfolk, such as storytellers, re-enactment, dance workshops and of course our famous spectacular fire show!


Children's village

The Rapalje Zomerfolk Festival is a festival for all ages. That is why we put together an extensive program for children every year. In the Children's Village, children can participate in a variety of supervised activities, such as sword fighting and archery. There are also Highland games for children. Here they can throw horseshoe, throw a tree trunk, hit nails and shot put. In addition, they can earn a certificate and a medal! In short, children are entertained all day long from music to activity. A fun outing for the whole family.


Eat Drink

Of course you can also enjoy delicious food and drinks at the Rapalje Zomerfolk Festival. Delicious grilled meat, fresh fruit, soup, pancakes, poffertjes and sweets are just a small selection from the offer and there is also a wide choice in terms of drinks. In addition to the more well-known selection of soft drinks, beer and wine, you can also enjoy a nice cup of mead (honey wine) or a good whiskey!


celtic market

Zomerfolk has an extensive market where a wide variety of items are for sale: special and unique clothing, jewelry, felt products, figurines, musical instruments, candy and much more!


The organisation

The Rapalje Zomerfolk Festival is an initiative of the Dutch folk band Rapalje, consisting of Maceál, Wiliam, Dieb and David. They have been touring Europe for twenty years, leaving behind an enthusiastic fan base. Folk, honest and pure, that is the motto. Played with love and received with enthusiasm. This is also strongly reflected in the Rapalje Zomerfolk Festival, where music is central and life is celebrated. The band's motto has therefore become the motto of the festival: 'Be Easy and Free'!


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