The Freelancers

The Freelancers is a 3-piece band based in Groningen, NL. The music is a mixture of folk, rock and original material played with bodhran, guitars and violin and accompanied by harmonious vocals. The live shows are a celebration of humor, passion and fiery music.

Born in Dublin and raised on the north side of the inner city, Gerry developed an interest in music from an early age, encouraged by a young Phil Lynnott (Thin Lizzy) and others. Gerry became known for his exceptional voice and developed it in the 1970s by playing on the gig circuit with bands such as U2 and The Boomtown Rats. He came to Germany in the early 1980s and played on the Irish Pub circuit.

Sebastiaan Hidding (Wagenborgen, The Netherlands) is a very talented violinist and singer with a unique and sensitive music style that helps him, instead of just going through the movements, to be completely absorbed in the music when he performs. Sebastiaan's voice is also a force to be reckoned with, once again giving a deeper dimension to the vocal work of the bands he plays in.

His experiences as a bus conductor on the 46A Dublin buses have strongly influenced the style of Peter's bodhran playing. This musician at heart only stops talking to recite a poem or sing a crazy song… Peter is a fantastic and versatile musician. He is co-owner of the O'Ceallaigh Irish Pub in Groningen, the place where it all started for Rapalje Celtic Folk Music. The Freelancers often play in the pub for those who, like us, can't get enough of this great band!