Intimate and immersive Irish traditional music .

Fling brilliantly plays Irish traditional music. Deeply rooted in tradition, both the traditionals brought
as the own compositions follow the well-trodden paths, because of the very idiosyncratic approach.

In recent years, Fling traveled with four different music programs to the theaters of the Netherlands and this with great success.

After the theater halls, Fling now presents a new intimate program, tailor-made for the smaller stages and for the occasion as a rock-solid duo. Both musicians are excellent multi-instrumentalists and the use of their extensive range of instruments produces a very varied and refreshing sound.

Annemarie de Bie is considered one of the leading singers in the genre. She is internationally renowned and seen as an authority and is much in demand as a teacher. In addition to her powerful, lyrical and beautiful vocals, she can also be heard in this program on the Irish wooden flute, the bodhrán (Irish drum) and guitar.

Evert Jan 't Hart plays the magical Uilleann Pipes (Irish bagpipes) and, in addition to being a player, is renowned far beyond the borders as a builder of the instrument. He has appeared as a soloist in the VPRO program 'Free Sounds' and on NTR's 'Podium Witteman'. Besides the Uilleann Pipes he also plays Whistles, Bouzouki and Guitar.

All this results in an extraordinarily infectious and magical whole of strong stories, captured in a storm of wild melodies, softly lamenting airs and moving ballads.

Especially for Zomerfolk, Pieter Wentzel (bodhrán and vocals) and Annamarije van der Lees (fiddle, vocals) also play.